In this era of being able to Google just about anything you need, I’m going to hopefully list useful and interesting websites on breeds and horses of interesting color that you can check out that are already known. – Jean

*Disclaimer: The web sites are working when posted but over time they may become outdated and/or defunct. Please let Jean know if you come across any that no longer work.

~Abaco Barb:


~Akhal Teke: *KaraKum AT Stud now in FL, home to the buckskin stallion Almaz. Excellent articles, lines, colors, etc. *Russian *hasn’t been updated since 1999 but has articles and photos *Lines with pictures *Famous horses with photos andpedigrees *Deckhengst (which is stallions) AT, Budyonny, Karabagh *smaller Turkmen dictionary for naming *palomino sabino Pazyryk


~Altai Horse: *leopard apps


~American Cream:


~American Draft Pony Registry:


~American Grade Horse: *Int’l Generic Horse Assn


~American Saddlebred: *Stallion directory and Pedigree Search***Silver Dapple! *Amber Champagne Tobiano*Belvedere’s *Spirit Commander, gold champagne * Norsk’s Sky Chieftain, Perlino *Winter Mist, roan mare *Beau Decision – frame LWO *Perfect Cover, minimal splash sabino *El Dorado Gold Chain, homozygous buckskin tobiano w/cat tracks! *Simply Striking, wild birdcatcher spots


~American Saddlebred Sporthorse:


American Sport Pony: *Maestro’s Bardic Gold, champagne sport pony stallion

~American Warmblood: *American Warmblood Registry *American Warmblood Society *Excellent article


~Andalusian (see also Lusitano): *PRE Pedigrees, in Spanish *Int’l Andal and Lusitano Horse Assn. *Asociacion Nacional De Criadores De Caballos De Pura Raza Espanola *Australia, some pedigree search *Chestnut Sabino Mares *Lavrador, buckskin Lusitano *Colorful Andals/Lusitanos


~Appaloosa: *Appaloosa Horse Club *Canadian Appaloosa Horse Assn *Famous Apps, pedigrees *Pedigrees


~Appaloosa Sporthorse:


Arabian: *AHA -Arabian Horse Assn *Pedigree Site –fee required *AHS – Arabian Horse Society *Arabian Foundation Horses *Egyptian
/ *Photos and pedigrees *Arab naming *Historic photos, pedigree database *Russian Arabians *Blue Star *Sabino Arabian Horse Registry *roan *Opale and Renoir , what they call Iron Grey (fer gris)


~Australian Stock Horse: *Pedigree Search **Australian Stock Horse Society Ltd., includes studbook


Azteca: *American Azteca Horse Int’l Assn *Registration classifications


Baroque Horses (Friesian Crosses): *North American Baroque Horse Assn


Bashkir Curly: *Int’l Cuyly Horse Org *Pedigree database *Bashkir pics


~Belgian and Belgian Brabant: *Flemish Breeders of the Belgian Draft Horse FBBD *Roan *Belgian Draft Horse Corporation


Boerperde/South African Boerperd/Boer Horse:


~Boulannais: *American Boulannais Horse Assn
Click on “Annuaire Boulonnais 2008″ – it will open a .pdf. Scroll down a ways,and across the top of pages 24 and 25 they have a 9-in-hand of white grays.  Then, starting on the next page there are stallion ads

~Breton: draft *reference pics *in french though


~Brindled, Chimera, Mosaic, etc: *Dunbars Gold, 1996 brindle QH *FRS Freckless Dan, QH *carries brindle grulla QH mare Reeds Zan Raider *Sharp One, 1999 red dun brindle QH *Chippito’s Beautiful Color is a Falabella chimera stallion, chestnut overo sabino with minimal pinto spotting and white “brindling”


~British Riding Pony:


~British Spotted Pony: *Tanzivaa Stud – spotted ponies


~Brumby: *STB Sinatra – cremello, STB Cassanova -bay, STB MacArthur -buckskin

~Buckskin:    *American Buckskin Horse Assn


~Canadian: *The Canadian Horse *Naming *pedigree site for many breeds – Draft, Hackney, Pony,etc…. *Not a breed but an organization

~Caspian Horse: *Caspian Studbook** *Capsian Horse Society of America *Pics and info, Kristull Ranch *Book

~Celtic Warmblood (ID and crosses):


~Champagne Horse: *Int’l  Champagne Horse Registry and Studbook *Amber Tobiano ASB Esoterics Pompeii *Hanoviean “Cream” *Hanoverian Creams *Hanoverian Creams

~Chilean Corralero:

~Chincoteague: *Chincoteague Pony Assn *The Nat’l Chincoteague Pony Assn *Misty and descendants plus pedigrees

~Cleveland Bay: *UK *CB Horse Society of NA *Wheelgate Farm *Links *Forest Fellow *Forest Fellow *Tregoyd Journeyman

~Clydesdale *Clydesdale Breeders of US *including chestnut *chestnuts!*Chestnut *chestnut mare Moon Shine Molly *MT Baker Major Taxes, 2004 chestnut sabino Oak Park Major Fashion x Mt. Baker Winston’s Nickie *Clydesdale Horse Society UK *Sabino roaning *Sabino roaning *Sabino face roaning, not true roan *Sabino face roaning, not true roan

~Color Genetics: *Links for genetic testing. *Dun Zygosity Test


~Color Guides: *Colors and Definitions with photos *dark legged tobianos*** *Double Dilutes *Color Name Translation: Eng, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, German, Icelandic, French *Sabino Pictures *Sabino**** *Genetics primer*** *dun**** *leg and dorsal marking pictures*** *Dun*** *Primitive Markings Theory *Grulla color *A frosty roan *Shades of palomino, dunalino photos, info incorrect *Barlink *Silver Dapple, many breeds! *the misc: gulastra plume, manchado, birdcatcher spots, chubari, bend or, badger, etc *Pearl dilution*Pearl*Arabian Ali Zeus*Ali Zeus’ sister Mireyenion Tos *Pearl *Dun *Champagne Horse Journal on Pearl, Barlink *Cremello Champagne blue eye reference *this mare is tested Amber silver (ie, bay + champagne + silver).  She does not have a white mane and tail *Amber Silver, almost the same white all over *amber cream *Blue eyes *Blue eye *Coat Color Calculator *Silver Dapple Morgan Project


~Colorado Ranger:



~Connemara: *American Connemara Pony Society *In Germany



~Dales: *US Registry *Dales Pony Assn of America

~Danish Warmblood:

~Dartmoor: *Dartmoor Pony Registry of America *All British Ponies Magazine


~Desert Norman (25% Arab/75%Percheron):


~Dole (draft/trotterhorse of Norway): and

~Donkey and Mule and Ass: *American Donkey and Mule Society *British Mule Society *Ponui donkey from NZ *Indian Wild Ass

~Dutch Harness Horse/Renai Horse:

~Dutch Warmblood (NA/WPN): *harness horse breeding rules *cross eligibility rules *Art Deco *Gelderlander


~Exmoor: *Stallion pic *Exmoor Ponies in Conservation

~Falabella: *Falabella Miniature Horse Assn

~Felin Pony (Polish) (Tobiano and Leopard Patterns):

~Fell: *Fell Pony Society of NA

~Finn Horse (Finnish):

~Fjord: *Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry *Pedigree Search *Sweden *Colors of the Fjord *in Norwegian *in Norwegian

~Foundation Quarter Horse: *Nat’l FQHAssn *Blood Chart *Figuring FQH Percentage


~Freisian: *Friesian Horse Assn of NA *Friesian Sport Horse Registry *Friesian Horse Society *Friesian Horse Assn. of Great Britan & Ireland *Naming letters 1990-2010 *German registered Friesians *Free online Magazine


~Georgian Grande (Saddlebred x Draft)

~Gotland: “fortsättning” is a link to more photos *spotted *Appaloosa

~Henson horses (Fjords crossed w/ Selle Francais or Anglo-Arabs, bred in France since 1975):

~Groningen: *keuring, sabino

~ Gypsy Vanner/Drum//Irish Cob/Tinker Horse/Romany: *European Coloured Horses Assn, Irish Cobs, pedigrees *Palo, roan, Samson, etc. *The Midget Stallion, 1998 bay tobiano *Palomino *Silver dapple *Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, breed standards, colors, stallions, etc. *Gypsy Vanner mare with incredible mane *Vanners *Vanner, Drum *The Lion King, homoz b/w stallion *Galway Warrior, B/W Tobiano/Sabino stallion**** *Palomino *Has links to the appy colored cobs *Appy Irish Cob *Appy stallion *Appy stallion *Appy, 2005 bay colt *Black SD mare *Mystery, smoky black pearl *Aspercial, Appy Irish Cob
*You click on Zuruck (back) and that takes you to the homepage then you click on the one saying Nache Rasse and a list of breeds will drop
down.Select Irish Cobs Section A

~Hackney: *Hackney Horse Society *American Hackney Horse Society *Pleasure Pony *Harness Pony *Note not high action, and sabino *Note not high action, sabino *Spotted – Heartland Blizzard *Heartland Blizzard *Bracken Superb, sabino stallion *Bracken Superb

~Haflinger: *American Haflingers

~Hanoverian: *American Hanoverian Society *British Hanoverian Horse Society *The Hanoverian Verband

*State Stud of Celle, stallions are listed alphabetically, English version available! * alphabetical stallion roster – Abglanz to World Cup II


~Highland: *Kirkcarrion Highland Ponies

~Hispano-Arabe: *American Registry

~Holsteiner: *American Holsteiner Horse Assn

~Hucul: *photos

~Hungarian: *Hungarian Horse Assn of America

~Iberian Warmblood and Iberian Sporthorse:

~Icelandics: *USIHC *Int’l Federation of Icelandic Horse Assns *Pedigree database *Studbook *Icelandic Horse Acres: gaits, colors, articles, etc *Icelandic Color *Gaits *Evaluations/Judging *Naming *Naming *Male names * Female names *Miljon, “tan” pinto instead of white

~Irish Draught: *Irish Draught Horse Society *O’Leary’s Irish Diamond*O’Leary’s Irish Diamond *Mountain Pearl *Prince Regalia Arthur has tested as RED DUN*Foal out of Prince Regalia Arthur*Pictures of the different body types

~Irish Sport Horse:

~Karabakh: *Inturist, 1985 chestnut stallion *Galatan, 1983 chestnut *Peschwar

~Kathiawari: *chestnut, buckskin, homoz splash, dun, grey, sabino, etc….

~Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses: *Kentucky Mtn Saddle Horse Assn

~Kerry Bog Pony/Irish Heritage Pony: *American Kerry Bog Pony Society

~Kinsky Horses:
TB-type horses bred for jumping ability, stamina, & temperment, preferably dilute but non-dilutes are common as well.  Bred in Czechoslovakia since the
early 19th century, when Count Octavian Kinsky started his own studbook because he was told that purebred TB’s couldn’t be palomino.

~Kisber Felver: *Kisber Felver and Gidran Horse Association of America *Registry Information


~Knabstrupper: *In the US *Danish Registry, some English available *Minis *Ponies *Horse, most modern sport type *The Danish Knabstrupper  Assn –KNN rules including the Knabstrupper pony



~Lippizan: *Lippizan Assn of NA (LANA) *Naming Rules, lineage requirements, etc. *History and Origins *Online newsletters *US Lipizzan Registry *Lipizzan Int’l Federation (LIF) *The Lipizzan Billboard: info, links, photos *Stallions *History and links *Lipica Stud *History of Piber *Bay Roan stallion Siglavy Zaragossa Capriola *Roan

~Lusitano/Alter-Real (see also Andalusian for farms who have both):!eng.htm *Portugese registry *The lines *Veiga lines *Veiga lines *Zafir Marumby HM: 2003 cremello ABPSL Lusitano, Saphiro *Alter-Real *Alter Real -Carpe Diem Farm *Buckskin and Cremello *Ligero by Nostradamus, sabino stallion *Lavrador, buckskin stallion *Xadrez do Pentogono, cremello from Brazil *Pearl dilution *Palo/Cremello *Cremello

~Mangalarga Marchador: *Official US Site *Brazilian Registry *colors, general

~Marwari: *In India *Indigenous Horse Society of India breed standards judging standards *smithsonian article Saving the Raja’s Horse

~Merens Pony: *Pedigrees

~Miniature Horses: *American Mini Horse Assn *Rowdy *Rowdy info and pedigree

~Missouri Fox Trotter: *MFT Horse Breed Assn

~Missouri Fox Trotting Pony:

~Morab: *Int’l Morab Breeders Assn and Registry

~Morgan: *American Morgan Horse Assn *Photo Archive *Pics of historical Morgans** *History *The Life and Times of Figure *Justin Morgan ancestors *Old Gov’t/Lippitt/Brunk/Working Western *Sire line list of Lambert Morgans back to Figure/Justin Morgan *Grey *Silver Dapple *Sabino *Shahaylee, homozygous splash mare *Bend or spots *Zeulners Sunka Wakan –SD Bay stallion *Silver Dapple *the dun gene


~Mulassier/Poitevan: *Studbook,  in French, but there are three links on the left under “Population”: Males, Females, and the last one is active breeeding stallions.  Farther down is “Les anciens étalons”, which is past approved stallions.

~Mules:  see ~Donkeys and Mules

Mustang: *Silver dapple dun Mustang *Colonial Spanish *Brislawn *Spanish Mustang Registry *Many Ponies

~National Show Horse:

~New Forest Pony: *New Forest Pony Assn and Registry

~Nez Perce:

~Noriker/Oberlander: *Pedigrees *Oberlander DH Assoc. *Fotos leads to: *Macho Elmar, Lotto Vulcan and Gauner Vulcan -tobianos, etc.

~North American Spotted Draft: *North American Spotted Draft Horse Assn


~North Swedish Horse: *pinto, etc and pedigrees *chestnut *Pedigrees *trotter style/Järvsöfaks *draft style (“Fotogalleri” -pictures) *Cremello *bay *Isvind, palomino *photos

~North Swedish: draft (“Brukshäst”), trotter (“Kallblodig travare”) *Splash
Trotter types: *on track *trot

~Oldenburg: *officially recognized by German Verband *ISR/Old.N.A. *2010 Approved Stallions



~Paint: *American Paint Horse Assn *Genetics by Sponenburg *pedigree search, must join but free *Gambling Man *Gambling Man *Sacred Indian *Hot Scotch Man *perlino tobiano *Cremello Tobiano *possibly chimera *Stetson’s Mr. Blue, APHA # 311,913, 1995 stallion, registered as a sorrel overo, chimera?

~Paint Pony: *American Paint Pony Registry (APPR)

~Palomino: *Palomino Horse Breeders of America

~Paso Fino: *Paso Fino Horse Assn *Pedigrees *Regalo de Marichalo *Paso Fino heritage, pedigrees, photos**** *Gait diagram *Gait *colorful incl. grulla, tobiano, etc….

~Percheron *Percheron Horse Association of America, Pedigree access is $29.95 a year *UK *Blue Roan *Roan mother/daughter team photo *Roans, April’s Betsy Blue

~Peruvian Paso: North American Peruvian Horse Assn *Peruvian vs Paso Fino *Reference pics

~Pintaloosa: *Pintaloosa section of ISHR

~Pinto: *Amercian Pinto Horse Assn

~Poitevin: see Mulassier

~Baudet du Poitou:

~Polish Warmblood/Wielkpolska & Malapolski : *Pinto and Apps

~Pony Of The Americas: *Cal-State POAs *Mismarked foal

Pottock: *includes tobianos

~Przewalski: *Foundation for Preservation & Protection of the Przewalski HorseFoundation for Preservation & Protection of the Przewalski Horse

~Quagga: *the Quagga Project is a program in South AFrica, comprised of researchers, scientists, etc. that are trying to bring back the extinct Quagga through careful select breeding of stripe-deficient animals (plains variety zebras). They’ve already proven via DNA extracted from museum mounted skins, that the Quagga is a subspecies of the plains zebra, and now their little breeding experiement is yielding astonishing results. *Zebra, qugga, onager, Przewalski, etc *Bringing Back the Quagga *How a Zebra Lost its Stripes*Hunting zebras but good zebra photos including some quagga-esque zebras


~Quarter Horse: *American QH Assn *pedigree search, must join but free *QH Directory w/pedigrees *Skipper W bred stallions,QH and paint

Colorful Quarter Horses: *Barlink Macho Man *Heartland QH’s – SD’s including U Bar Champ Binder**** *bay silver *bay silver *champ’s Guthrie, bay silver by Bary U Champ Binder *Jetsmoke N Thunder, 1999 classic Champagne *Chex Nu Jewel, sooty palo w/birdcatcher spots *Yellow Roan of Texas, 97 palo roan stallion *Dun Gotta Gun *Colonels Smoking Gun/Gunner, 1993 chestnut splash *Amber dun *Amber dun *Cooke County Classic, 2005 classic champagne grullo stallion!! *Mr. Blue Harlan, Silver Grullo Stallion *Skippas Dun Smokin, 1996 silver grullo *Smokin Blue Hollywood, 2002 grullo

~Quarter Pony: *American Quarter Pony Assn *Int’l Quarter Pony Assn



~Rheinland Pfalz-Saar: *Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International *Wolkenzauber – frame stallion

~Rocky Mountain Horse *Rocky Mountain Horse Assn *Black Silver Dapples


~Selle Francais *North American Registry
*Great jumping sire Alme

~Shagya: *North American Shagya ArabianSociety *Shagya Sport Horses *Bayram, grey stallion

~Shetland: *Shetland Pony Society of NA *American Shetland Pony Club
Foundation Classic, Standing Example:
Classic, Standing Example:
Classic, Action Example:
Modern Pleasure, Standing, Example:
Modern Pleasure, Action , Example:
Modern, Standing, Stallion Example:
Modern Standing Mare Example:
Modern Action Example: *Coat Color Article*** *”Mushroom” Coloration

~Shire: *American Shire Horse Assn *Black Forest Shires *sorrel Shire logging *chestnut

~Somalian Wild Ass: *article, pictures

~Sorraia: *Chato’s Shadow *excellent article, photos**** *Sorraia Mustang Studbook *History

~Spanish Jennet:

~Spanish Barb:


~Spotted Saddle Horse Assoc: *Spotted Saddle Horse Assn *Nat’l Spotted Saddle Horse Assn *US Trotting Assn *Stallions *Bengal, 2002 brindle tobiano *tobiano *White Fire, tobiano *Snow Warrior and other tobiano photos *article on tobiano origins *roan tobiano, buckskin, bay tobiano *Roan Stallion Broadway Express *bay roan mare *The Icepan Cometh *The Icepan Cometh *roan tobiano, buckskin, bay tobiano

~Suffolk Punch: *American Suffolk Horse Assn

~Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Registry: App/Percheron

~Swedish Warmblood: *Swedish Warmblood Assn Of NA

~Tennessee Walking Horse *TWH home page *Pedigree Search *TWH, Arab, QH pedigrees *Horses of the 90s *Midnight Sun *Powder River, frame stallion *Admiral’s Ponca Britches, appaloosa



~Thoroughbred *Bloodline Research site *Pedigree site *Pedigree and Performance in TB *Bloodhorse Stallion Register *Historical photos and info *color portrait *Dun”, probable historical buckskin, Cream gene comes from his dam, Sister One to Buff Coat, through her dam Silverlocks, to her dam Sister to Chaunter, to her dam Cream Cheeks, through the gray Spanker Mare to registered as bay Spanker to Darcy’s Yellow Turk. *Oxford Dun *Grosvenor Arabian *Early TB’s, pre-1800, etc. *The Bloodhorse magazine *Colors galore! *Colorful Thoroughbreds *Colorful TBs *Puchi Trap and Ryeesin Up *Cremello/white TB’s

~Tiger Horse: *Tiger Horse Registry Registry *Tiger Horse Breed Registry *Spanish Jennett Tiger Horses *Mismarked

~Trakehner: *American Trakehner Assn *Amiego *Roan! *Simply Blue, blue roan stallion *Sylver, 2002 blue roan stallion *Roans *Special Memories, first Anglo-Trakehner accepted in ATA +ISR and Selle Francais, by Abdullah *Abglanz/Absataz *Ferdinand *Colorful Trakehner!!***** *Cosmopolit, Enrico Caruso, etc *German

~Trottingbred: (Welsh, Hackney, Shetland x Standardbred)

~Turanian/Turkomen: *smaller dictionary for naming

~Waler: *Waler Horse Society Of Australia Australian Stock Horse Society Ltd.




~Warlander: *not a lot of feather

~Warmblood:  see also seperate breeds *Am. WB Registry *What is a warmblood anyway? article * Sachsen-Anhalt district of Germany *Brands with photos! *also the warmblood brands *Int’l Heavy Warmblood *Miscellaneous stallions *Famous WB Pics *Wap-Spotted *Colored WB Sporthorses

~ Wielkopolski and Malapolski: *Spotted and pos App Malapolski

~Welara *American Welara Pony Society/AWPS

~Welsh Pony and Cob *Welsh Pony and Cob Society Of America *Chart for crosses *Partbred Welsh *History of Tamarack *Articles on Welsh *1st 50 years of Welsh Sec A article *The Promise Goldun Dollar, 2004 grullo Welsh A dun with dorsal and leg barring *The Promise Sunday Sermon, dun foal *Trefriw Valentino, possible SDbay *Aberaeron Idris, sooty dappled palomino and many others *Catamount, 1999 roan Sec A stallion *Shell-Crest Dusty Gold, 2005 blk silver dapple Sec. A *Welsh Mtn, grey and buckskin sabinos *So colorful! *Trefaes Taran, 86 bay Sec A and Sec. B *Sec A and B, Bristol Sungod *historical photos *A-B, sabino *A-B *Rowfantina High Hopes, stallion *Farnley Sirius *Lascaux Rothko, Sec C buckskin stallion *C and D – Minyffordd Megastar *C and D, including sabinos *Roan Sec D *Danaway Tango, extreme sabino *Nebo Stud *Winding Oaks Welsh & Sport Ponies – Cremello *Gallod Ponies and Cobs *Welsh Ponies and Cobs


Zangersheide  is a registry specifically for producing high performance show jumpers

Zebras: *The development of zebra stripes *Zebras of Kruger *Zebra Fetlock Reference*****

Grants: *Grants stallions Spots N Stripes Zorro

Grevy’s: *the front – big ears, thin stripes *Ears *Twin Grevy’s

Zorse: *Zorse mare


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