Due to the scarcity of real mare pedigrees easily available for pedigree assigners, IPABRA has created the Real Mare Registry to try and help avoid multiple duplications of foals born in the same year. This is a completely voluntary service, but we encourage members of IPABRA to use the RMR to help make their own lists more realistic. If you have a foal out of a real mare, please contact the registrar for that breed with the below information on the foal and its parents. The registrar will notify you if that year is still available and of your registration status.

The RMR is a service open to IPABRA members only. The RMR is intended to be a data source to determine what years of a live mare have been used for model horse pedigree assignments. PAers are encouraged to do their research and find an appropriate mare to produce their foal and then contact the RMR registrar to determine if that year has been used by other hobbyists. The RMR is not intended as a “free for all” list of mares open to anyone who wishes…this would be unfair to those who have done hours of research to find the perfect dam for their horse.

The following breeds currently have Real Mare Registries in place:

Draft Breeds

Gaited Breeds

Light Breeds

Pony Breeds

Spanish Breeds

  • Andalusians – Carra McClelland
  • Aztecas – Carra McClelland
  • Lipizzan – CLOSED – Due to a number of requests from the Lipizzan community, IPABRA will no longer be taking RMR submissions for this breed.  We encourage you to use horses owned by IPABRA members or use an alternate breed assignment.  Thank you.
  • Lusitanos – Carra McClelland
  • Peruvian Paso & Paso Fino – Carra McClelland

Sport & Carriage Breeds

Stock Breeds

Other Breeds – Exotics, Longears


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