IPABRA holds a yearly benefit pedigree auction.  These benefit pedigree auctions are comprised of paper ID’s created by members from their own breeding stock to sell at auction to the highest bidder (these are paper identities, you do not receive an actual model). Proceeds of the auctions go to the club to help pay for year-end judge’s awards.

You must be a dues paying member to bid or consign. Auction lots vary from single horses to mare and foal packages to a breeding family. Bids usually start around ten cents and some ID’s have been known to go for over $35.00! Members consign their top bloodlines and some members will ONLY offer foals of their top show horses at our auctions. It’s a great way to get a completed pedigree on a model that you just got for the holidays, your birthday, or in a trade. It’s also a great way to help support your club!


Link to the 2020 Pedigree Auction

Results of the 2018 Auction

Archived copy of the 2018 catalogue


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